Professional Business Fraternity
Omicron Pi Chapter | Radford University
Brothers of Omicron Pi

Alvarado, Jessica

Alvarenga Reyes, Leslie

Beckel, Kasidy

Carter, Timothy

Castor, Chris

Connor, Kelsey

Demant, Danielle

Dupre, Yalaina

Eliot, Andrew

Ferguson, William

Fleetwood, James

Frankline, Nick Sanchez

Gallagher, Payge

Grandison, Jermaine

Guilbeau, Eric

Haile, Ezo

Hayden, Austin

Lawhorn, Brandi

Lyon, Nathaniel

Martinez, Maurice

Metcalfe, Jake

Morgan, Tucker

Neville, Matt

O'Brien, Shannon

Persinger, Adam

Revollo, Ana

Rodriguez, Jose

Sambu, Hermela

Scherner, Allison

Shadid, Malik

Stewart, Grace 

Talman, Clint

Tucker, Morgan

Vivero Cain, Justice

Whitney, Austin

Woods, Rachel

Zheng-Wang, Steven

Our Requirements

Membership into The International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi is selective, unlike other student business organizations; it is not given freely to anyone who submits an application with a membership fee. A potential brother must exhibit their leadership skills, ability to work in a diverse team, and a passion to be a part of our fraternity. We do this in order to select those candidates that we believe will best represent our organization and its values. 

The pledging process lasts six weeks. It is designed to build brotherhood and professionalism and to prepare each pledge for initiation into our Fraternity. This is done through acquainting each student with the principles, history, and operations of the Fraternity.

As part of Delta Sigma Pi's selection process, we only accept accounting, business law, economics, finance, management, marketing, information systems, food service management, design management, and sports administration majors. 

Each semester, members are required to pay dues and during the pledging process a one time initiation fee is required. Semester dues range anywhere from $100 - $150 dollars and the initiation fee is an unchanging $136.

One must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and must be "in good standing" with the university in order to be considered for the pledging process.